#Throwback In 2016, WJT girls’ trio Wong Hong yi Cody, Jenny Wong, and Lin Wing Ka garnered Hong Kong’s maiden qualification to the World Finals by winning the Regionals. They then finished ahead of every Asian contingent, including traditional powerhouses Japan, Korea, and Thailand, to place an unprecedented 6th overall in the world. 2016年由王康怡 , 黃海琪和連詠嘉組成的青少年14歲以下女子隊於亞大區不但以冠軍資格首次打入世界組決賽 , 更壓倒所有其他亞洲強隊包括日本 , 韓國及泰國 , 為香港奪得歷史性的第六名。

  • Tennis balls become cheaper if you buy them in bulk and will be closer to the $2 mark in sizes of can packs.
  • Start with 10 reps and build up to at least 25 without stopping.
  • With her run to the 2017 Wimbledon singles final, she broke the record for longest time between first and most recent grand slam singles finals appearances.
  • Any attempt to “stack” a lineup or use a player below his/her relative ability level on the team may result in the immediate disqualification of the entire team.
  • Playing defensively has little advantage when you can score when you’re serving or not.
  • If playing Tennis isn’t your thing but HAVE to do it because of that pesky 100% Completion requirement, here are a few tips to getting that quick win.

I compare this with copying down the steps to a math problem but not really understanding how to solve it. When the numbers change, the problem can no longer be solved. One topic I briefly want to touch on is how to determine when to play up an age group. My family’s belief was always play up only after you had proven to be dominant in your current age group.

How To Play A Match

The high intensity training program has helped her on-court fitness and improved her concentration in matches. We are fully committed to helping you pick up tennis and have developed a highly detailed lesson plan for you. You can learn at your own pace and also decide which aspect of your game you would like to work on. Compared to the forehand, the backhand is usually regarded Play Tennis as the weaker shot. Your opponents will tend to hit to your backhand to prevent you from attacking. Surprise your opponents when your backhand returns are heavy with topspin, pushing them further and further off the center of the court.

The goal of the drill is to wait for an opportunity to angle the opponent off the court. As soon as one of the players succeeds forcing the opponent outside the doubles line, they have to step into the court and play the next shot down the line. Play points from the baseline where both players are only allowed to hit with slice. In this game, the players are not allowed to hit the ball in the air, forcing them to move up and back during the point.

Tennis Accessories

She defeated Alison Riske in the first round before losing to Ashleigh Barty in the second round. Barty was the first person to have defeated Williams and fail to reach at least the semifinals of the event in which they had defeated her in 2017. At the 2017 US Open, Williams defeated Viktória Kužmová, Océane Dodin, and Maria Sakkari to reach the fourth round. She also guaranteed her return to the top five in the WTA Rankings at the conclusion of the tournament for the first time since January 2011.

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